Independent Contractor and Lectures:

Allyson Simone specializes in lectures in retail business, buying, textiles, inventory control, marketing, metrics, public relations, and financial consultations.

Allyson experience of over 20 years drove her to many levels working with different companies in customer service, social media, negotiations, sales, HR employee relations.  Allyson gained a BS in Psychology and a concentrate in MFT and IO PSY in employee relations in the workforce, and she is graduate in Paralegal studies specializing in Corporate Law and Contracts.

For more inquiries upon bringing in a Contractor/Lectures and help your company narrow its downfalls.  And making it happen in your company, and setting your business up for retail success, please email: asimonebrides@gmail.com

All contracts are discussed based of specifice holes to be improved and or improve to experience in higher numbers.

Thank you,

Allyson Simone