Palomar College Fashion Program

We celebrated the lecture with the future business students and designers from Palomar College Fashion and Design Program.  Covering topics in financial planning, business start-ups, media kit presentations, advertising and more.

A special thanks to Rita Campo Gibbs Associate Professor of the Palomar College Fashion Program in San Marcus, Ca. and thank you to all the aspiring students who attend the lecture.

The Fashion Program at Palomar College is highly recognized as one of the top three in Fashion Design/Business/Fashion Merchandise Programs.  San Marcus, California


Lectures and Why? Fashion and Retail

Allyson Simone will be at Palomar College in April as a guest speaker and will lecture on Financial Planning for your business, Mark up and Mark downs, Retail Budget,  Product Selection Buying and more.  Coach, Learn and stay positive, and surround yourself with those who will lift your sprits.  Be a leader not a boss.  See you there and can’t wait to meet all the talented students of 2019.

Palomar College Fashion Merchandising and Design Program: April 3, 2019.


Palomar College Fashion Department

images     This years Fashion Advisory Board Meeting is coming up.  Board members use their  input and is vital to the continued success of the Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design Programs.  In order for the Fashion Programs to be effective and relevant, Palomar College Fashion Department believes it is critical that representatives from schools, business, industry leaders and community leaders and school staff all have the opportunity to provide and service the Board.

I am so proud to be apart of the Board of Directors to help each and every student reach greatness, and all those who attend this years meeting to build a better future for individuals.

Thank You Rita Campo Gibbs, Fashion Merchandising and Design Associate Professor of Palomar College for a great experience to share ideas.

See you there at the Board Meeting,

Allyson Simone


Romance and the Sleeve

Sleeves are hitting the Bridal Runways and have been for sometime.  I designed this gown with romantic sleeves in a silk crepe and a low V back.  The sleeve has French Lace with glass buttons and a silk ribbon to tie around the brides wrist.

Gown by Allyson Simone featured in San Diego Style Weddings Magazine,  the gown was part of the 2002 Collection in New York City Fashion Week by Wedding Channel.5dc7dcd7de5ce680a6f5a3b2f16f36aa--is-called-provence.jpg

The Year 2000

I found a picture of a gown I design back in 2000, the collection went to New York City Fashion Week at the Waldorf Astoria.  This Collection was called The No Rules Collection, it was the number one selling collection National and Retail.  The photo was taken by Exquisite Wedding Magazine and featured in the fashion layout.

dress1The design was about how a man would like to see his bride and her most delicate area of the body and her true pureness that evoke his most desirable senses.

by Allyson Simone BRIDES

Every gown and pattern is copy written and cannot be copied (c). by publication and design production.

french (BLEU in french)

Oh, how lovely you are standing in the true setting of french BLEU. Calm, Collected and so delicate.

French BLEU weddings is the newest trend in Bridal 2019.  There is only one thing I would change, is to add a  delicate swiss dot tulle cored silk trim ribbon trim for her pretty little bridal dress.  In french BLEU of course, and the ribbon is dancing behind her.