Career Changes, It’s OK

To All My Fellow Students


IT’S OK to change careers, as individuals we ask ourselves, am I going to do this rest of my life? Maybe yes, maybe no; Life transforms us, this usually takes place when a traumatic event happens in our lives. For example, lost a loved one, illness, past tragic events and more so. Has we move forward we tend to rethink our life, work, friends, and peers. Understanding the meaning behind it all, receiving help through counseling and giving us the tools to move forward, usually when this takes place things starts to shift and change in a more purposeful direction.

No matter the consequences in your life, it is OK to change and let that change happen, move forward and work with people who appreciate you and value you as an individual. Seek the truth in others and the kindness in any career of your choice.  Remember interview the interviewer and choose a manager who will inspire you, educate you, mentor you, train you and value your existence. I know many of the students I worked with in the past, this is a main topic. For example I hear this a lot, my boss devalues me in my job, ect. and employees do not feel like they are being appreciated,  I hear this again and again. When this happens, management should step back and not stereotype or judge the employee, but value that all individuals are all different.

Learning to work with diversity in the workforce is crucial it creates team work, and approach all your employees with respect. Remember you want your employees to look up to you, because the bottom line is, your employees are a reflection of management. For all my fellow interns, follow your gut feeling choose wisely and for interns who are in upper management positions respect the talents your employees have, and what they can bring to the company. Use diversity and manage with fairness, not favoritism, acknowledge the talent and promote, seek goodness and not judgement and put egos back on the shelves.

by allyson simone


Allyson Simone new book announcement

Allyson Simone will have her first book coming out this year 2017.

Her book will include some of Allyson’s most intimate moments of pomes, personal notes of her work as a designer.

Love letters in Paris and pictures of Allyson gown creations.

Her book will also include some sketch pages for brides and fashion students to write their romantic and creative moments in life.



Allyson is back

Hello fellow students,


Today I wanted to start off with this beautiful day and say, Bonjour.

Today I had an interesting conversation with interesting people, I attended framers market, and I meet designers, managers of boutiques, jewelry designers all the way to coffee designers. We chatted about creativity learning from each other and admiring the company at hand, sipping ice coffee and kicking back and laughing the day off with smiles and handshakes. Towards the end and on my way back home, I was inspired to write this article to my fellow fashion interns. I want to say, what is this small piece of information I wrote, and how does this apply to you?

Well, I am going to tell you, life is an education, work is an education, people are an education. Everything you touch and communicate is a valid fact of information and because of this we learn. Regardless of age we learn from diverse communities, it inspires us, it creates pleasure, it builds trust and friendships. Most importantly it bonds us together with other positive influences, and this will help you create your next collections, soon to hit the runways, or build better relationships with your partners at work.

Inspire to get out there in the world and meet people, network, communicate, admire and touch.  Because these are the real life pleasures of artistic creative additions, and that my fellow interns, you will not learn from cel phones and computers.  Because real human beings in the world can teach us the diversity of the human touch.

So until then, Au revoir

Allyson Simone, hugs and kissesphoto-113

Starting a New Year 2015

Hello and Happy New Year 2015

I want to start this year with very simple quota, because communication is everything in life.

It will help us a human beings to trust and learn from all walks of life regardless of age and background.

Hear yourself talk, listen but do not analyze,

talk but talk softly,

smile but be compassionate

And be polite to show your respects in the company of others.



November Talk

Hello Fashion Students

November is a time to gather up your artistic thoughts and to explore the unknown.  As fashion students remember to look at the world through pink color sun glasses, romantic, cool and edgy.   The history of textiles dates back more than three hundred years, it is the beginning and the end to the fashion industry.  As designers we are constantely looking for the new look.  Think of your textile as a person, textiles have a personality and a movement.  Get to know how the textile is constructed and ask yourself, does this textile want to be a gown, pants, or a suit?  Oddly enough it will answer you back.

I always said to my intern students, even a textile wants to be something.

By Allyson Simone, Nov. 10, 2014


Palomar College Fashion Department



Palomar College

Fashion and Merchandising Department

I had the pleasure of attending Palomar College and have had the most amazing mentors in the program.  Being an Alumni and sitting on the fashion board from time to time have been an inspiration to my career.  I wanted to take the time to talk about the Fashion Program at Palomar.  Depending on your specialized field at Palomar College, the fashion department supports the fashion industry in skills that offer a curriculum of coursework and field experience which brings out the true artist in you. I highly recommend the program to fashion inspired individuals who seek careers in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Buying, Fashion Marketing, textiles and art.

The inner circle and the outer circle

The Inner Circle and The Outer Circle

I sometimes post articles about, fashion, travel and education.  I decided to share this photo of this lovely couple and the image we have on marriage.  The beginning of a new life, new growth and a future for total happiness.

Most importantly to remember, while you both take this journey of what we call marriage, growth and positive influences, this will make up parts of our life.  Draw a circle on a piece of paper and list the persons in your life that love and care for you and they are a positive influence, do the same with the outer circle.

Your inner circle will have people in your life that love and care for you, these people will help you grow as a person and teach you the tools to build your life and give you the feeling of a positive mind.

Your outer circle persons may direct negative thoughts toward you and your life and your goals.  The outer circle may give you a negative feeling when you walk away.  This encounter will make it difficult for you to grow and learn.

This tool may help you remember who ever we encounter in life, work, family, friends, and new acquaintance, we want to ask ourselves.   Which circle will I place them in?

by Allyson Simone (2014)

Cerise Gown by Allyson Simone – New York City 2010