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I wanted to share this picture I just came across, the photo is by Diana Konrad style photographer and artist, you can google her name and see her beautiful work.  Diana shoots for Vogue Magazine, La Fashion and more. This photo was Published in LA Fashion Magazine in 2013 Edition along with Diana Konrad other works of art we did that day.  The whole day we set stage, style and had fun doing it, a favorite part of my job.  The gowns are from the Vintage Collection, called Vintage Chic 2010 collection I presented to New York City Couture Show.  I was three years to early presenting Vintage Style Bridal Gowns to New York, but I am happy the world finally caught up with my mind.  Vintage Chic Bridal Collection by Allyson Simone finally became popular in 2012.  I went to Paris to work with the best lace designers to bring vintage style wedding gowns to brides and the bridal world in 2009.  This collection was presented in New York in 2010, after three years Vintage Chic style gowns and the vintage theme wedding became the current trend, and still today vintage bridal is the number one style gown brides love.

My inspiration for vintage bridal gowns came from the music indusrty in 2008, I heard this vintage style music on the radio and I imagine what will a bride wear when she is 25.  The vision came to me and the collection was created.  I design from the imaginary, brides who do not exist yet, only in my mind they exist.  I create a personality with each imaginary bride and then that when the creating takes flight.



A Truly Vintage Picture by Diana Konrad, Gowns by Allyson Simone, Jewelry by Glamorama.