Highclere Castle

I recently started follow Highclere Castle on Instagram, and its now my favorite instgram highlight.  I do check in and read and see all the lovely ideals Lady Carnarvon is doing for Highclere.  I am planning my next trip to this beautiful place, why?

Because I feel like I have been invited, Lady Carnarvon expresses the loveliness and the experience of each day, the events are for us, so in a sweet and pure way I feels as if I have been invited.

Follow Lady Carnarvon BLOG – ladycarnarvon.com –  follow the instagram, and experience the thoughtfulness of being apart of something enrich with history and grace.

Thank you Lady Carnarvon for sharing,  Allyson Simone



Do we have Purpose?

The answer is yes, we do…..

Purpose is something greater or something so simple, whatever you choose, let it guide you through your pain, your gratitude, your smile and their smile.  Let your purpose inspire others and let it inspire you.  Purpose can be helping others, finishing a project,  and giving others a chance to be understood.

Finally my purpose, after going back to re-write and edit 8 chapters of my novel, I am going to finally focus on my purpose to complete the foggy pages of a past.  A book that I have been trying to complete for 20 something years ago, the writing class starts on Tuesday and I can’t wait, and I can’t wait for those who want to read it.

So…… remember lovely beings what ever the purpose you have, no mater how significant small or large it does not matter.  What matters is that you bring laughter, love and happiness to the world.

The novel is a period piece set in the mid eighteen century, which connects love, possessiveness, mystery, ghost, murder and lost. After completion the book will be copy written in the U.S.

allyson simone


English Homes

I find it the perfect time to tour the English Country side, Bath, Cornwall and Devon so many to see.  Here I have a picture of one of my favorites Saltram House from the movie Sense and Sensibility.  I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do, after we can have tea.


Haaa lets sit and sip fragrance tea and talk among good company.


Palomar College Fashion Program

We celebrated the lecture with the future business students and designers from Palomar College Fashion and Design Program.  Covering topics in financial planning, business start-ups, media kit presentations, advertising and more.

A special thanks to Rita Campo Gibbs Associate Professor of the Palomar College Fashion Program in San Marcus, Ca. and thank you to all the aspiring students who attend the lecture.

The Fashion Program at Palomar College is highly recognized as one of the top three in Fashion Design/Business/Fashion Merchandise Programs.  San Marcus, California


Lectures and Why? Fashion and Retail

Allyson Simone will be at Palomar College in April as a guest speaker and will lecture on Financial Planning for your business, Mark up and Mark downs, Retail Budget,  Product Selection Buying and more.  Coach, Learn and stay positive, and surround yourself with those who will lift your sprits.  Be a leader not a boss.  See you there and can’t wait to meet all the talented students of 2019.

Palomar College Fashion Merchandising and Design Program: April 3, 2019.


Palomar College Fashion Department

images     This years Fashion Advisory Board Meeting is coming up.  Board members use their  input and is vital to the continued success of the Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design Programs.  In order for the Fashion Programs to be effective and relevant, Palomar College Fashion Department believes it is critical that representatives from schools, business, industry leaders and community leaders and school staff all have the opportunity to provide and service the Board.

I am so proud to be apart of the Board of Directors to help each and every student reach greatness, and all those who attend this years meeting to build a better future for individuals.

Thank You Rita Campo Gibbs, Fashion Merchandising and Design Associate Professor of Palomar College for a great experience to share ideas.

See you there at the Board Meeting,

Allyson Simone