Is Romance Extinct?

Is romance extinct?


Did you know a man, back in the mid 18th century we called them Gentlemen, made their intentions known by calling the women he loves by her first name or he wrote her a note explaining his true love and that she bewitched him and he can no longer live without her. Passions were exchanged without sex, passions were known with a light touch when he offered his hand for a walk in the park. Did you know when a gentleman ask his lady for a carriage ride it was meant to be on its way to an engagement. Because being seen in public in a carriage with a gentleman was serious business.

A gentleman in the mid 18th century when he kisses he kissed with all his dying soul. A man expressed his intentions without fear, but with courage. How did the charms and grace so expertly become extinct with men? How did the account of the brush of his hand prove to be nothing. Did the man become the women or did the women become the man in this century, will we ever know what happen. You pierce my soul.  I am half agony, half hope…..I have loved none but you. It is not what he says or thinks that defines him, but what he does….Jane Austen one of the first most desirable romance writers of their time.  She stepped out of the boundaries and wrote about passion, romance when it was forbidden.

The very first moment I beheld you , my heart was irrevocably gone.  Men who make their intentions known, a man who is fearless of love and passion. Many things became extinct and sadly this maybe one of them. Make your intentions known to the woman you love, make her gasp with delight in your presence. Life seems but a quick succession when you do nothing.

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