Story Lectures did you know?


I was so inspired today, the weather here in San Diego is so beautiful and the sun is out, sitting inside today I found this picture of a Bridal Gown I designed.  This is the Chateau Collection that went to New York in 1999.  I designed a crinkle silk charmeuse in a 60 mm and a 90 full length in a cut bias, with 6 panel skirt of 25 length of silk.  A natural waistline at 12.5 drop with a sabrina neckline.  The Bridal Gown hit the New York City Bridal runway as being the first in presenting crystal belts and using textured silk for the first time in Bridal.  In 1999 I wanted to bring back what was innocent and lady like, I wanted to step away from strapless bridal gowns and bring back shoulder sleeves and handmade belts.

The color was a pearl iridescent in cream whip ivory and the touch of the silk felt like butter in your hand.  I specialized in silks from Europe and I taught myself to be an expert in textiles for over 20 years, this made each collection popular with the media.  As of today I still know my textiles, I always say “even a textile wants to be something”.

Your textile you pick for each design will make or break your collection and that goes for clothing, shoes, handbags, menswear anything that has to do with designing a fashion collection.  Just remember a textile has its own personality, and if you are not in the mind of how your textile thinks, breath and speaks to you, challenges may occur.  I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I do, xoxox Allyson.


by Allyson Simone – designer, textiles, teacher, lecture and writer.