Are you there God, its me

LIGHT comes from everywhere, looking for the signs of light meaning there is an angel nearby.  I am always aware of my surroundings and I see the signs most of the time, and I always see the light around me.  I wanted to write this today because whenever we are near a Church or inside a Church something magical always happens.

Last Sunday I went to a Church and no one was in there, I stood in the aisle up front  after saying my thanks to God.  When I turned around and started to walk out, I saw the Church door open slowly and a warm bright light appeared and it was filled with warmth and love.

What was interesting no one walked in the front door.  As I watch the door open by itself, the light presented towards me.  The light in the picture look to be the image of what I believe to be a present from the Heavens.  The warm light on the floor looks to be a image of a person, I stood there for several minutes then took the picture with my iphone.  After I took the picture, I walked into the light and walked outside from the open door.  The light disappeared after I walked out, I left the door open, hoping if anyone walks in they will see the light too.

 So you see he is always around us, I took this picture on April 26, 2020 at 12:30 p.m.


Story Lectures did you know?


I was so inspired today, the weather here in San Diego is so beautiful and the sun is out, sitting inside today I found this picture of a Bridal Gown I designed.  This is the Chateau Collection that went to New York in 1999.  I designed a crinkle silk charmeuse in a 60 mm and a 90 full length in a cut bias, with 6 panel skirt of 25 length of silk.  A natural waistline at 12.5 drop with a sabrina neckline.  The Bridal Gown hit the New York City Bridal runway as being the first in presenting crystal belts and using textured silk for the first time in Bridal.  In 1999 I wanted to bring back what was innocent and lady like, I wanted to step away from strapless bridal gowns and bring back shoulder sleeves and handmade belts.

The color was a pearl iridescent in cream whip ivory and the touch of the silk felt like butter in your hand.  I specialized in silks from Europe and I taught myself to be an expert in textiles for over 20 years, this made each collection popular with the media.  As of today I still know my textiles, I always say “even a textile wants to be something”.

Your textile you pick for each design will make or break your collection and that goes for clothing, shoes, handbags, menswear anything that has to do with designing a fashion collection.  Just remember a textile has its own personality, and if you are not in the mind of how your textile thinks, breath and speaks to you, challenges may occur.  I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I do, xoxox Allyson.


by Allyson Simone – designer, textiles, teacher, lecture and writer.


15 a DAY

What does that mean, 15 a day?  15 minutes a day

When I graduated with degree BS Psychology with a concentrate in marriage, family talk therapy/coaching and another Psychology concentrate in Industrial Organizational, known as IO Psychology.  I continued my work helping friends and family out with on the job work relationship issues, and how to deal with the problems of relationship and work challenges.

Today I am going to talk bout 15 minutes a day to concentrate on the mind and body and how to relieve any negative feelings and anxiety.  In my own process when I listen to those in need I try to mirror their experience and find solutions to help them move forward in a positive ethical manner.  The first and most important is to let go of the ego and be able to help rather that control.  Which is one of the major reason bosses, or individuals in high positions do all the time. Ego is fear

  1. 5 minutes: Let the ego go free, I always say, jump off your ego plain and when a person can do that you can begin the healing process to learn and work through the issue.
  2. 5 minutes: For Executives, Bosses, Owners of businesses, Employees, ect.  the one mistake that the individual makes is telling a employee what to do rather than train, how we communicate this is crucial in relationships.  For example, the Executives may say, I told them how to do this, But did you train them how to do it.  There is a BIG difference.
  3. 5 minutes:  Write down in a journal how you want to come across, with respect or disrespect?   Practice in the mirror by mirroring yourself, smile offer guidance and do not let your title be a threat to others by not listing to your employees.  That is what I call the Ego Plain, take a deep breath by breathing in white and breathing out black, this should be part of the 15 minute process.

We are all in a time zone during the crises and its time to support and help, the workforce and help family and friends.  I wanted to write this because I hear many stories of friends and family, and what is going on with the loss of their jobs and how they want to contribute, but their bosses just mow them down. For those with bigger titles, remember your employees are more that just a sales person or managers.

And to end the 15 minutes self-help, I wanted to end this with a message from who else the almighty.  I hear a lot about helping each other, but I did not once hear anyone mention the faith in GOD.  God is in this 15 minute guideline I give you today, my gift to all.  During you 15 minute quite time you create each day, don’t for get to give thanks to the almighty and pray for others and the ego free.


by Allyson Simone

On Hold

Life is on hold and it is a time to stay safe and reach out to help others, we can take this time to sit and think about what life is really about and learn about yourself.  I made a list of things, what is important to me and a list of ideas I want to accomplish when this is all over.  Be brave dear Angels and protect and pray for those who are suffering and tell God we will be with you.