Do we have Purpose?

The answer is yes, we do…..

Purpose is something greater or something so simple, whatever you choose, let it guide you through your pain, your gratitude, your smile and their smile.  Let your purpose inspire others and let it inspire you.  Purpose can be helping others, finishing a project,  and giving others a chance to be understood.

Finally my purpose, after going back to re-write and edit 8 chapters of my novel, I am going to finally focus on my purpose to complete the foggy pages of a past.  A book that I have been trying to complete for 20 something years ago, the writing class starts on Tuesday and I can’t wait, and I can’t wait for those who want to read it.

So…… remember lovely beings what ever the purpose you have, no mater how significant small or large it does not matter.  What matters is that you bring laughter, love and happiness to the world.

The novel is a period piece set in the mid eighteen century, which connects love, possessiveness, mystery, ghost, murder and lost. After completion the book will be copy written in the U.S.

allyson simone