The Love of Coaching and Positive Thinking in the Work Force

I am and will always be genuinely interested in the success of others

Coaching & Lectures
Allyson Simone is founder of my mentorship program, a program designed to help fashion students develop mentorship coaching and executive training.

Allyson also works with Palomar Fashion Department as an advisory board member and alumni, this is the beginning of creating new experiences for students through mentorship coaching. She donates her time to help students in the field of fashion and business management to bring your most creative thoughts to paper, textiles and business communication.

Allyson Simone has a BS in Psychology with a concentrate in marriage, family coaching, and another concentrate in Industrial Organizational Psychology, known as IO Psychology. Allyson volunteer work started with Fashion Students and part as the board of directors for Palomar College, where she continues to do her work as a mentor. Allyson also coaches and continues to lecture on career coaching, management training, fashion design, positive reinforcement thinking in the work force and textiles.

Allyson is a graduate at Palomar College Fashion Department and holds a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising where she continues to mentor on design and merchandising in the world of retail. She continues to coordinate learning activities in internships for fashion students, from this these activities Palomar College Fashion Department found a greater student participation and completion of course.



Today my little Teddy and I felt so inspired to create a new office space, with pretty pink flowers.  We had so much fun, we both realize that life is full of gratefulness, even when other people can be hostile.

Stay positive lovely beings, capture your heart and dance with fairy dust and may your dreams bring you hope.  Life is to inspire surround yourself with people who are gentle, kind and most of all inspiring.

Allyson Simone