Even A Textile Wants To Be Something

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAa8AAAAJGE2ZDM2ODdiLWNiZDEtNGQxNy1hOTU3LWU4MzVjM2MxNjUyNgTextiles have personality, the textile speaks to you, it moves softly, it will romance your emotions and it will tell you what and who it wants to be.  I always tell my intern students, even a textile wants to be something.  It takes days or even months to figure out a textile persona, follow the feel the birth right and soon enough you have your next collection in mind.

I have worked with textiles for 17 years and for me, my relationship started with my textile.  The textile told me what kind of person is she, a bride who is sexy, romantic or is she classic bride.  Textiles will tell you the mm, textile terms mm is weight, fiber content, bias relationship, width and pattern use for the textile.

As for some designers they will sketch the collection first, but what if you go on you’re buying trip and find textiles, and the personality of the textile does not want to be what you sketch for your next collection.   Then it is back to the drawing board, textiles will make or break the collection, and craftsmanship is next.  Textiles want to be somebody and how you sew the textile is another critical factor in creating that special someone.

By Allyson Simone 2015