PARIS Obsession and WHY?

Paris Obsession and WHY?


WHY are we obsessed with Paris, the food, wine, romantic cobblestone streets, the glowing lights that line the Latin Quarter 5th district and the warm buttery croissants that envelop your brain.  The regal tea house of LADUREE that have been gracing the streets with their pretty little boutiques, the famous design houses of DIOR, CHANEL and VALENTINO. Oh my, and don’t forget the little French Paris Yorkie, to complete your fashion style. Paris France is a mystical world, anything happens in Paris, love, romance, style, meeting new friends or bumping into a famous fashion designer. I have been to Paris nine times and lived there for several months with my husband Amir, we use to say America is where we lived, but Paris is our home. The experience that follows you will broaden your mind, captivate you soul and intrigue your senses.

Fellow fashion students and anyone who wants to experience Paris, go with an open heart, learn the basic French language, and their elegant customs, and you will fit right in. Say Bonjour over and over and before you know it, you are suddenly HOOKED.

Paris Street fashions and my favorite LADUREE