Career Changes, It’s OK

To All My Fellow Students


IT’S OK to change careers, as individuals we ask ourselves, am I going to do this rest of my life? Maybe yes, maybe no; Life transforms us, this usually takes place when a traumatic event happens in our lives. For example, lost a loved one, illness, past tragic events and more so. Has we move forward we tend to rethink our life, work, friends, and peers. Understanding the meaning behind it all, receiving help through counseling and giving us the tools to move forward, usually when this takes place things starts to shift and change in a more purposeful direction.

No matter the consequences in your life, it is OK to change and let that change happen, move forward and work with people who appreciate you and value you as an individual. Seek the truth in others and the kindness in any career of your choice.  Remember interview the interviewer and choose a manager who will inspire you, educate you, mentor you, train you and value your existence. I know many of the students I worked with in the past, this is a main topic. For example I hear this a lot, my boss devalues me in my job, ect. and employees do not feel like they are being appreciated,  I hear this again and again. When this happens, management should step back and not stereotype or judge the employee, but value that all individuals are all different.

Learning to work with diversity in the workforce is crucial it creates team work, and approach all your employees with respect. Remember you want your employees to look up to you, because the bottom line is, your employees are a reflection of management. For all my fellow interns, follow your gut feeling choose wisely and for interns who are in upper management positions respect the talents your employees have, and what they can bring to the company. Use diversity and manage with fairness, not favoritism, acknowledge the talent and promote, seek goodness and not judgement and put egos back on the shelves.

by allyson simone