Allyson is back

Hello fellow students,


Today I wanted to start off with this beautiful day and say, Bonjour.

Today I had an interesting conversation with interesting people, I attended framers market, and I meet designers, managers of boutiques, jewelry designers all the way to coffee designers. We chatted about creativity learning from each other and admiring the company at hand, sipping ice coffee and kicking back and laughing the day off with smiles and handshakes. Towards the end and on my way back home, I was inspired to write this article to my fellow fashion interns. I want to say, what is this small piece of information I wrote, and how does this apply to you?

Well, I am going to tell you, life is an education, work is an education, people are an education. Everything you touch and communicate is a valid fact of information and because of this we learn. Regardless of age we learn from diverse communities, it inspires us, it creates pleasure, it builds trust and friendships. Most importantly it bonds us together with other positive influences, and this will help you create your next collections, soon to hit the runways, or build better relationships with your partners at work.

Inspire to get out there in the world and meet people, network, communicate, admire and touch.  Because these are the real life pleasures of artistic creative additions, and that my fellow interns, you will not learn from cel phones and computers.  Because real human beings in the world can teach us the diversity of the human touch.

So until then, Au revoir

Allyson Simone, hugs and kissesphoto-113