The inner circle and the outer circle

The Inner Circle and The Outer Circle

I sometimes post articles about, fashion, travel and education.  I decided to share this photo of this lovely couple and the image we have on marriage.  The beginning of a new life, new growth and a future for total happiness.

Most importantly to remember, while you both take this journey of what we call marriage, growth and positive influences, this will make up parts of our life.  Draw a circle on a piece of paper and list the persons in your life that love and care for you and they are a positive influence, do the same with the outer circle.

Your inner circle will have people in your life that love and care for you, these people will help you grow as a person and teach you the tools to build your life and give you the feeling of a positive mind.

Your outer circle persons may direct negative thoughts toward you and your life and your goals.  The outer circle may give you a negative feeling when you walk away.  This encounter will make it difficult for you to grow and learn.

This tool may help you remember who ever we encounter in life, work, family, friends, and new acquaintance, we want to ask ourselves.   Which circle will I place them in?

by Allyson Simone (2014)

Cerise Gown by Allyson Simone – New York City 2010