LOVE STORY Mr. and Mrs. Witte

I had the pleasure

of designing a gown for Jill for her Wedding Day, she walked by my shop the other day in Encinitas, and had no idea I have moved the Allyson Simone

boutique from downtown.   As I approached the boutique she had no idea I was standing behind her.  Then I heard Jill talking about her gown and how amazing Allyson Simone was,

I have to say that made my day, because I put so much love into my bridal gown designs.  And in hopes that each gown I design for a bride on her Wedding Day is not only for her but her

new husband as well.  Each gown is meant to stand the length of time as your marriage.  Here is a lovely picture Jill sent me, I love this picture, it is the perfect LOVE STORY.  

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Witte 


 I have always believed in:

A gown should feel soft, comfortable, feminine and bring beauty to your heart.  

A gown should speak eloquently and powerfully, it will encompass the true you.

It should look both illuminating, but not misleading.  It should invite romance to that moment.

Written by Allyson Simone