Online Boutique Grand Opening

Allyson Simone designs are all handmade and one of a kind pieces, the accessories uniquely capture a vintage victorian era.

Notes from Allyson

Wholesale is a minimum of 3 pieces for boutiques. Allyson Simone designer trunk shows are available through the Allyson Simone website for boutiques by invitation only to view the upcoming collections for purchase. Wholesale boutiques may email and set up a wholesale account to start selling the Allyson Simone accessory collections in your boutiques.

Get started today by opening your wholesale account and start selling Allyson Simone designer pieces in your boutique. For inquires email or call 858-943-1700.

To open a wholesale account and receive 50% to 75% off and a minimum of 3 vintage Allyson Simone pieces for your wholesale account contact Allyson herself at the email address or phone number above. Merci, and I look forward to bringing the Allyson Simone collections to your boutiques.

The new 2017 Winter Collection: Victorian Holiday

Sneak Peek will be featured December 1, 2017


On the job with freelance design projects

I am visually creative, intuitive, Insightful, thoughtful, I see with conscious reasoning,  I am a visionary person who creates with wisdom.

Allyson Simone schedule is now open to accept a few more freelance fashion design jobs,  for more inquires please email me at

November: New Collection Victorian Holiday will launch November 25th, 2017

December: Palomar Fashion Department

A New Year:

2018:  Coming soon


March is Textile Month

This year is a busy one, and I finally was able to sit down and add to the BLOG.  Palomar College just had there yearly Advisory Board Meeting, the Fashion Department at Palomar is an amazing avenue for fashion students.  I will be a guest speaker at Palomar College Fashion Department (TBA) and will set the dates for the event soon.

Fellow fashion students, I want to share some fashion textile tips with you.  Remember your textiles, they want to be something to.  Your textiles have personality and being able to separate your design and the fiber character your person will emerge into a beautiful creation.  Your person is the textile the design is a whole…..

Feel free to email me with any questions about textiles, I am open the entire month of March to lecture on textiles through emails.  asimonebrides@gmail.comUnknown-1

Talk Soon, Allyson Simone xo

Lecture Dates:

April 2016:  Lecture on Lace

May 2016:    Lecture on Retail