Starting a New Year 2015

Hello and Happy New Year 2015

I want to start this year with very simple quota, because communication is everything in life.

It will help us a human beings to trust and learn from all walks of life regardless of age and background.

Hear yourself talk, listen but do not analyze,

talk but talk softly,

smile but be compassionate

And be polite to show your respects in the company of others.



November Talk

Hello Fashion Students

November is a time to gather up your artistic thoughts and to explore the unknown.  As fashion students remember to look at the world through pink color sun glasses, romantic, cool and edgy.   The history of textiles dates back more than three hundred years, it is the beginning and the end to the fashion industry.  As designers we are constantely looking for the new look.  Think of your textile as a person, textiles have a personality and a movement.  Get to know how the textile is constructed and ask yourself, does this textile want to be a gown, pants, or a suit?  Oddly enough it will answer you back.

I always said to my intern students, even a textile wants to be something.

By Allyson Simone, Nov. 10, 2014


Palomar College Fashion Department



Palomar College

Fashion and Merchandising Department

I had the pleasure of attending Palomar College and have had the most amazing mentors in the program.  Being an Alumni and sitting on the fashion board from time to time have been an inspiration to my career.  I wanted to take the time to talk about the Fashion Program at Palomar.  Depending on your specialized field at Palomar College, the fashion department supports the fashion industry in skills that offer a curriculum of coursework and field experience which brings out the true artist in you. I highly recommend the program to fashion inspired individuals who seek careers in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Buying, Fashion Marketing, textiles and art.

The inner circle and the outer circle

The Inner Circle and The Outer Circle

I sometimes post articles about, fashion, travel and education.  I decided to share this photo of this lovely couple and the image we have on marriage.  The beginning of a new life, new growth and a future for total happiness.

Most importantly to remember, while you both take this journey of what we call marriage, growth and positive influences, this will make up parts of our life.  Draw a circle on a piece of paper and list the persons in your life that love and care for you and they are a positive influence, do the same with the outer circle.

Your inner circle will have people in your life that love and care for you, these people will help you grow as a person and teach you the tools to build your life and give you the feeling of a positive mind.

Your outer circle persons may direct negative thoughts toward you and your life and your goals.  The outer circle may give you a negative feeling when you walk away.  This encounter will make it difficult for you to grow and learn.

This tool may help you remember who ever we encounter in life, work, family, friends, and new acquaintance, we want to ask ourselves.   Which circle will I place them in?

by Allyson Simone (2014)


How To Style A Fashion Shoot

Hello interns and welcome to How To Style a Fashion Shoot.

Going on set can be fun and at the same time stressful, while I was on set it was always fun for me, I knew the magazine publishers personally and that made it easy, because I knew what they wanted in the fashion editorial shoot.  Ask questions, for example, What is the story line?  What is the emotion behind the shoot?  Who are the designers? Are the designers going to be present? Where is the location of the shoot?  What time is the shoot going to be, mid-day/morning? 

All these questions will factor in the emotion for a shoot, and the last important questions, what does the model look like?  Styling a fashion shoot goes deeper than we think as artist, the personality of the model must match the personality of the collection, hair and makeup and jewelry all must reflect the models look and her inner personality.  If the collections do not match the inner person (model) then the style line will be off.  

Have you ever looked at a fashion editorial layout, and the model has dark hair and she is exotic with heavy makeup,  with big curls, in an office suit, and she sitting in a french style cafe, wearing big turquoise jewelry?   What is going with this picture?  What is the subject? Who are we trying to capture in this Ad? The exotic model the turquoise jewelry the cafe or the suit?  

I posted this photo from a fashion shoot we did in San Diego Ca. at the La Costa Resort with San Diego Style Weddings Publisher,  Dena Nolan.

The Publisher wanted a casual wedding look, and at the same time represented La Costa Resort, so we had to factor that in with the look, and this is what we came up with.  Elegant, sweet, soft, and sexy, perfect for the San Diego Style Wedding readers, also don’t forget to research the magazine you will be styling for and research who the target customer is. 


Before picture during the shoot… scroll down to view the finish editorial advertisement by San Diego Style Wedding Magazine.  Remember to work together as a team and be respectful to your teammates during set time, take a deep breath, let your ego go and be creative has a team and give the publisher want she wants. And if the designer is on set give her/him your ideas, because the designer created the line and designers know how to punch in a complete look.